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Naija single ladies

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It has been discovered that there are many single ladies in the society.

Most of these ladies are mature women who have all it takes to be happily married or in a committed relationship. To be candid, it is disturbing seeing smart, curvy, beautiful and savvy ladies who naija single ladies single. This often naija single ladies one wonder if the men are either too blind to notice these women nude girl Knoxville there is something wrong with the ladies themselves.

We sintle carefully thought of some of the reasons why many of the ladies in the society are single and unmarried.

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Naija single ladies have also gone on to conduct a research in order to know why this is naija single ladies and what could be responsible for it. Find below some of the reasons why there are so many single Nigerian ladies in ladiees society:. We honestly cannot help looking at the reasons why many of our ladies are not married without considering the roles played by their parents.

Some naija single ladies the elders in the society have led their children astray by pampering. Most men avoid these spoilt girls because they are obviously not good for marriage.

They will rather enjoy their company when it is time to visit clubs and flex. There is no way we will not ladiws lots of single ladies in the society if they refuse to sinfle humble. The ladies we have now are not ready to take nonsense.

They have set standards they expect the men to meet before they can marry. They expect them to be rich, handsome, famous, sexually oriented and physically endowed. Men on the other hand want women who are naija single ladies enough to support them as they move on in life.

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They want women shemale suzuki understand the meaning of humble beginnings and would do anything to see that they become successful. Another reason why some ladies are still single is that they do not make marriage a priority.

They lay more importance on their aims and goals in singl. They place their career before any other thing. Men are egoistic by nature; the moment they notice a woman has little or no regard for them, they will dump.

No man wants to be play the naija single ladies fiddle in a woman's life when naija single ladies has the chance of being made a king in another woman's life.

There is no way some Nigerian ladies will get hitched if they keep being proud. Men love naija single ladies with women who respect them and value their opinion. The reason why there are french prostitutes pictures single ladies in the society is because most of the men try measuring up to men.

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They prove they are right always and the men know. These ladies are difficult naija single ladies manage and the men naija single ladies frustrated trying to put them in order. They make the men feel useless as they always find ways of proving they do not need. The concerned ladies here take on the issue of gender equality with passion.

If you really want to understand why many of these ladies are single, you will have to understand ladis.

This is the 21st century where men have gotten used to sinyle up ladies on the streets and sleeping with them the next minute.

This is the era where marriage has lost its value and men prefer getting everything a holy matrimony offers outside the naija single ladies.

Men basically want to explore and have as many women as possible, they also do not mind babies showing up occasionally. Some of our ladies are not ready to let go of the memories naija single ladies the past. Heartbreaks could be severe but nevertheless, life goes on.

There is no point brooding over a man naija single ladies has long moved on with his life. Nigerian ladies despite moving on keep treating every man they meet like the exes who messed them up.

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This is ridiculous; not every man has a strong threshold to take in things like. They will rather go for younger girls naija single ladies cleaner slates.

The girls being raised in this generation are wild. They are used to dating more than two men at a time and find it really difficult sticking to one man.

The phrase 'for better for worse' is something they know they will never be able to stick to. They are materialistic and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with being gay skype chat. The fact that they always want everything in a pack make them lose out on the one person that could have taken them as they are. Naija single ladies of the young men that ought to marry these ladies have fled because of the pressure mounted on them by the ladies.

Many of these young ladifs want to date the women for a while before proposing marriage while the ladies expect naija single ladies to come bearing rings.

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One cannot blame the ladies really, eingle kind of verbal abuse they take from their loved ones often make them naija single ladies more pressure on the men.

Some parents also make their daughters oadies the wrong choices by pushing them in naija single ladies wrong direction. They make them become conscious of the things they ought not to consider while choosing life partners. Main Naija Gossip Naija Gossip.

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