Top Dangerous Cows Qurbani Videos On This Bakra Eid 2018

Top Dangerous Cows Qurbani Videos On This Bakra Eid 2018

In this Post We Will Shares A Cows Qurbani That is Going to Most Dangerous Videos of This Bakra Eid 2018 So I think you ready but before this i have To Explain What Is bakra Eid And Why We slaughter Animals 

Cows Qurbani
Cows Qurbani

Here Are The Cows Qurbani Videos

Cows Qurbani Each year, with the beginning of the pilgrimage season and the associated celebration of Eid al-Adha, in addition to the idea of "Eid al-Fitr", the theme of animal sacrifice, and then the consumption of meat in the Muslim world , reaching the vanguard among the Muslims. And not Muslims alike. For many in the Islamic world, this issue is sensitive. Still suffering from years of colonialism, all aspects of the tradition (whether legitimate or perceived) becomes a manifestation against the most western point invasion. Not only because of the wars for self-determination and fundamental human rights that are still fighting Muslims all over the world, in addition to these physical conflicts (whether in the East, or even for those Muslims living in the West), the struggle By the heart, mind and spirit of every believer in The Religion of Islam is a constant battle. Wherever we move, our faith is bright and misjudged, and we are constantly pushing Western ways to accommodate the so-called "more civilized culture." At the same time, many people with good intentions in the Western world are a victim of their own path to this legacy of colonialism, and more to the legacy of the Crusades.Cows Qurbani

The stereotypes of the Muslim world rooted in Western culture, so much so that many people who are open and tolerant who do not normally try to break the entire part of humanity (be it religious, cultural or ethnic group) are doing so as if outside. Almost a second nature (apparently not realizing that they are doing it) when it comes to Islam. Instead of considering Islam as the legitimate heir and continuation of the Judeo-Christian culture to which they refer (which is not considered only as the main root of the traditions of Abraham's, but also the culmination of it) that some of the phenomena phenomena background is the culture of primitive and spirituality transcends the ghosts of the Enlightenment, which claims the West is privately owned that - do not realize that, in fact, Islam and its culture that continued led to a great number of advances in human knowledge that has now become synonymous with civilization itself.Cows Qurbani
Regarding the discussion of animal welfare, it usually puts this tendency among the western Muslim world as "the other barbaric", an isolated area of the population descends from the myths and somehow beyond the reach of reason and the intellectual debate, which makes it achievable. Wild, seen as a lost land forever. When it is connected, it is generally done in a shameful way, a kind of last effort "to save the savages from themselves". Instead of seeing Islam and its culture that followed by having a level of complexity and diversity as their religious beliefs own traditions, they look at us as a remote and distant minority, which is supposed to be probed only one,  Cows Qurbani that is, backwards and made it irrelevant (even if we were in fact one of the largest blocks with a variety of views).
With this in mind, it is up to us, finally, as Muslims to take the first step, and speak openly about the most pressing issues of morality and ethics, both for our own society or to offer continuous with the rest of humanity, to clarify the misconceptions in the Western world that all of us hurt in the end. Because it is a world If we want to improve the planet in which we live, mutual respect and cooperation between all human beings will be required.
Let's start by addressing the issue, which may be one of the main objections of people who are sensitive to Islam: the killing of animals.Cows Qurbani
Sacrifice is not a pillar of Islam. Nor is it obligatory during Hajj, "identity" or "Eid al-Fitr". This does not mean that it does not happen or that it does not happen. However, we must look at the events of knowledge in a way, I do not understand why it is the old Islamic institution of sacrifice, the Koran and the reforms related to this practice, and the continuous sacrifice in the Muslim world, but also the context in which the Koranic examinations took place. Because it seems that with many people, both Muslim and non-Muslim, the context is the key they miss.
The Qur'an has not been sent as "a design for human society", the formation of magic of the night should not constitute a fabulous world and what should be done. On the contrary, it has a history of 22 years, sometimes the response of the prayers of the Prophet (pbuh), sometimes related to the environment in the community, believing about certain habits' questions, and our goal is to help believers understand more now God, and the living in heaven and in the earth. Therefore, in this case, someone can say that the Quran represents the time and position of the reaction that they are dealing with them. However, in order to gain a deep understanding of the nature of these theories, we must consider that the Qur'an itself refers to these verses, for example, figurative meaning behind the literal literal. Therefore, in this case, we must admit that the main meaning of these verses is applicable in other situations without a clear meaning.
In this mind, let's begin with the sacrifice of animals in the Arabian peninsula of Islam. Pagan Arabs did not dedicate only to gods or goddesses for the sake of worship or worship of God but at that time the Jews tried to calm the only true God through blood sacrifice and burnt sacrifice even the Christian community believes that Jesus is the last sacrifice, the last lamb, and Another useful animal can be considered a heritage (a person's p Is forgiven by the blood of another person).
But Islam has freed himself from this longstanding tradition of proving "anger of wrath", but the only way to die before the death penalty requires the sacrifice and fruits of people to achieve "Fanaa" or "extinction of Allah". There is no place in the concept of "alternative curse" in the Qur'an's "sins" (the sin of forgiveness in sins of another person). God does not have any idea of receiving grace from giving another life. In Islam, the things which need to be sacrificed are those who are willing to submit to Allah and personal desires.
People will see how the Qur'an will see among the most famous stories of the Jewish and Christian world: the sacrifice of Isaac (here, the Islamic world has been shown as an altar in Islam) Significant difference in the case of sacrifice, besides the Qur'an, does Allah get comfort through blood? The Qur'an's explanation of Ismail's extermination of the blood exchanges.
Please remember that the Koran never said that God told Abraham his sacrifice (sacrifice) to his son. Although very fine, it is very important. Because moral education is different from what is seen in the Bible. Here, it tells us that Abraham had a dream and he saw himself killed by his son. Abraham believed in the dream and thought that the dream came from God, but the Quran never said that the dreams are from God. But Abraham and Ismael are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice - his sons Ibrahim and Ismail in his own life Cows Qurbani - they were able to overcome the mutual difference between the material groups and thus there was a loss in them. The screen and Allah bring their mercy as the true spirit of God, enlighten them with divine knowledge (thus preventing false judgment, sins and sins once and for all, wrong correction).
In fact, Zhiren, Zhiren - his father and his commandments, opposed to never give up, "You killed, and his son does not kill, so by him, he can take the Qur'an to teach us that God is bad The unsupported (see 728 and 16:90), Satan, evil and good, and only published (2421) the idea that God is an immoral Jiamei wants to do this, God opposes justice.
According to the tradition of long-standing traditions (for example, Abraham and Ismail's huge sacrifice of rams to sacrifice memory), we must sacrifice with it and with intelligence and the Qur'an.
It goes without saying that the lack of blood supply, or the death of other people through the basic concept of God's grace, the death of Islamic treatment, but his own wealth sharing and personal sacrifice to thank God for giving you human worthy food programs themselves. Sacrifice this not only to create ways to kill the people.
So let's take a look at the proper revelation of the Qur'an and see how it speaks about AD 500. Related to Arab (Yusuf Ali also commented that anyone condemning intellectual intelligence animals is not a concept of extreme cruelty or blood purity):Cows Qurbani
This is the end of sacrifice, not the power of high power, because Allah is one. He is dissatisfied with meat and blood, but expresses gratitude to God by sharing meat with humans. The name of Allah who sacrificed glory is an important part of this type" (Yu Sufu Ali Review)
** "Greetings: Allah's words, he can accept our sacrifice for the benefit of our co-workers. (Yousuf Ali commented)
No one can remember that a true God can accept meat or blood. Through this call, we remind that ruthless cruelty is not our idea, but the necessity of food" (Yu Sufu Ali commentary)Cows Qurbani
It is clear from the Qur'anic verses, the place of pasubargera and the time of the problem (and other similar climates and socio-cultural), the role of the Arab, the role of Arab-related pilgrims. God, thank God, he only cherished his praise for him, for the order, they have given his own some precious sacrifices should be (in their case, they are still alive based on animals to express their gratitude Feelings).

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Allah gave the Holy Quran in Ramadan in his life. The idea that this food grain is always different from the four legs is wrong. Most of the evidence is mainly in the toilet, mainly the toilet, Genesis said. “I gave you a pig for each pig.” In fact, according to the Bible, people are allowed to eat meat only after the flood (maybe out of The reason for survival), because their normal diet will be weak. At different times, from place to culture to culture, there are all kinds of ways to survive. Native Americans in Alaska and northern Canada have access to only fish, seals, whales, etc. Some island people are just fish, but others are still Chavez, mainly eating fruits and nuts.Cows Qurbani
Somewhere in the Qur'an, it shows that God's sacrifice is more than any other purpose, which is what we sometimes have to kill, or any individual sacrifice, in which it is shared right is considered any means we are with more poor neighbors, etc.
In the Qur'an, the Qur'an once said that animals were sacrificed because of time, place and environment

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