Top Amazing Bakra Qurbani Videos on this Bakra Eid 2018

Top Amazing Bakra Qurbani Videos on this Bakra Eid 2018

On this Bakra Eid 2018 See Also Top Dangerous Bakra Eid Qurbani Videos On This Eid Ul Adha 2018 bakra Qurbani Videos Before you watch All Videos You Must Know Why Muslim Slaughter Bakra on This bakrid 2018 

Bakra Qurbani
Bakra Qurbani

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Because in the state of meat consumption, whether it is to protect the rules of higher spiritual significance of animals should be easy and cruel, cruel isolation may be the so-called "Buddhist" countries trying to prove that their loyalty in terms of deficiency What happens when there is no rule to solve the human crisis. I Buddha Dharmabalambike in any way (this is an effective traditional and religious way) by condemning or condemning what I want to do, but an example I want to create because of such a high ideal of constant truth without the need to use low In the ideal case, this is to say that there is no provision for killing animals. Even talking about Buddhism has no power to completely stop all human heritage. Similarly, Western “Christians”, the Muslim world, so that countries provide animals that are sober, but factory farming and the global environment, there are formal institutions.

So no, it's not a black and white question, the animals here are always a mistake, or any other spirit or person close to God is a vegetarian. But at the same time, for the sake of tradition, it is not an understanding of tradition.

If you live in a desert climate, here is a small village where mansakheko an irreversible fact and survival problem, the background and meaning of sacrifice.

In addition, most animals used for rituals during pilgrimage, and even death is not raised in the legal system. Today, the number of animals required is so large that New Zealand and other countries have the largest imports. The emergence of these animals (as well as meat and wool exports) is contributing to the ecological destruction of New Zealand's ecosystems. In addition, these animals are cruelly fed into fear, a large proportion of molds from regular diseases, which are tramaplada, or a state of heat release. This is not human. We cannot ignore this reality. It is not enough to admit that this situation is imaginative. Our Muslims only change in our own circumstances in this situation to help create not only the change, but the protection of innocent animals, the gods who spoke about 1400 years ago, I nailed to the cross, some of us did not like Or the world is changing.

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Our Hadith, we can say the way we want to say (the tradition of the Prophet [soul]), but if we do, let us consider the whole picture.

Eating meat (related to it, sacrificing animals) is the prophet (see) whether he is independent or what he preaches. And most of the current research shows that people are healthy for vegetarians (finally, we don't need to eat meat, so there is no reason to sacrifice modern setinte). In fact, the prophet (permanent), "knowledge" or "wisdom of God" search, even China has ordered. We have realized the importance of our realism and realism with our surroundings.

All true Muslim times have arrived, whether they are Sunnis or Shiite, Sophie or otherwise, justice and compassion are the brackets, the Prophet (sallallahu wa sallam) only (including tradition and more importantly, it is received as The revelation of the device), but actually practice the unification of the standard to invest in those who survive to take the necessary life, and then otherwise their tragic human potential as much as possible in the situation of compassion and compassion, showing that they are forced to take life so Humility, and relative to them should not be, but, we all cry for survival, then we are only harmful to our naphas (or lower self) Little Rock I campaign. That is the Sunnah of the Prophet (for many years 

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